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We are looking for distributors on a per-country basis. If you think you have the contacts and ability to sell puzzles to newspapers and magazine in your country, please contact us. We offer a very attractive program.

Here is how it works:

  • We will list you here and support your activities through this web site.
  • We will provide marketing and sample documents in English. If a different language is spoken in your country or you feel a translation would benefit your sales effort, we can provide original sample pack documents for a local translator.
  • We can provide a foreign language version of this web site
  • You would be the first point of contact but we would be happy to provide supporting material and answer questions via yourself.
  • Puzzle orders would be in batches matching their requirements, for example, 6 Sudoku puzzles for X number of weeks.
  • We would send puzzles in EPS or PDF directly to your client and collect payment.
  • We would provide up to five puzzles for your client for free for an initial trial run, if the client wished to trial the puzzles.
  • Statements would be provided monthly with your share of the royalty.
  • Any renewals would be added to your account.

Sound attractive? Email sales@syndicatedpuzzles.com

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