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Grades are as follows:

Str8ts (monthly):
  • 1st month - Easy
  • 2nd month - Moderate
  • 3rd month - Tough
  • 4th month - Moderate
Sudoku (monthly):
  • 1st month - Tough
  • 2nd month - Very Hard
  • 3rd month - Easy
  • 4th month - Moderate

All puzzles are numbered from the beginning of 2011 except monthly issues.

Solutions refer to the previous puzzle file except for monthly issues.

With monthly issues, the solutions are provided separately so they can be included in the same issue.

Further puzzles will be automatically loaded here after each monday or each calendar month.

Here you can browse the puzzles and layouts available directly from our site.

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Monthly Sudoku + Str8ts
Monthly Sudoku + Str8ts
(separate solution file)
For the month of...
Sep 2022
x 2 Files, 179k
Oct 2022
x 2 Files, 180k
Nov 2022
x 2 Files, 179k
Dec 2022
x 2 Files, 181k
Jan 2023
x 2 Files, -
To be Uploaded
Feb 2023
x 2 Files, -
To be Uploaded